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The Magic of Massage Therapy

I was going through intense physical therapy to recover after surgery, and every day I went to bed with sore, achy muscles. Finally, my physical therapist suggest I give massage therapy a try. Massage therapy really helped me relax and unwind after a hard day at physical therapy, but I think it also helped speed my recovery. It helped with blood flow and circulation, and I really felt much better after every session. I liked it so much that I kept going even after I was fully recovered. I started this blog to talk about the magic of massage therapy. It really helped me, and I believe that it can really help others as well. If you’ve been wanting to learn what massage therapy is like and how it helps, you’ll find the answers here on my blog.



Dealing With Chronic Pain? Try These Useful Pain Management Tips

You may deal with chronic pain due to an accident or injury. Over the past few months, the level of discomfort you are experiencing may have gotten even worse, causing you to feel uncomfortable nearly all the time. If you cannot stand dealing with the pain, but you have yet to find anything that is truly making you feel better, there are some pain management techniques you should try. These techniques could help to reduce most of the pain, leaving you feeling refreshed and more comfortable than you were beforehand. Read More 

Effective At-Home Treatments For UTIs

If you have ever experienced a urinary tract infection, then you know just how uncomfortable and painful they can be. Because they are so miserable, it is important that you do all that you can to treat them as soon as you realize that you do in fact have an infection. While going to the doctor for UTI treatment and antibiotics is a great way to treat the infection, there are some things that you can do at home to help treat the infection as well. Read More 

The ER Versus An Urgent Care Facility…Where Should Your Sick Or Injured Baby Be Seen?

As a new mom or dad, every decision that you make can seem crucial, but a sick or injured baby is likely to be even more worrisome and it's not always easy to know whether your baby should be seen in the emergency room or if an urgent care facility is a better choice. In addition, the severity of certain medical conditions can also impact how quickly your baby needs to access medical care. When you are unsure as to how best to handle your baby's unexpected health, it is a good idea to be aware of the information discussed below. Read More 

Three Common Consequences Of Wearing Ill-Fitted Shoes

"If the shoe fits, wear it." This old adage is not meant to be advice to preserve the health of your feet, but so many people could benefit if they were to take it that way. Wearing ill-fitted shoes is not doing you any favors. Even if your feet seem okay now, years of wearing shoes that are too small, too narrow, or too flat in the arches can result in permanent damage to your feet. Read More 

Tips For Getting Through Your First Dry Needling Session Comfortably

If you have tight muscles or pain throughout your body, you might seek out dry needling as a potential treatment. However, it can be scary or intimidating to have a stranger place needles into your body. This could cause you to become very nervous, start sweating, or do something else that would make the experience unpleasant, rather than soothing. Here are some tips for remaining calm and getting through your first dry needling session comfortably. Read More